Der Urzeitwald Waldhilsbach


Magnolien, Bienenpflanzen und Raritäten


  • Not yet

    March 1st, sunny weather, blue sky and not one magnolia in bloom. But Crocus, Iris, Daphne, Galanthus, Euphorbia, Helleborus, Prunus mume, Maddenia hypoleuca, Lonicera ‚Winter Beauty‘, Sycoparrotia semidecidua and of course the first Narcissus. The garden is full of color.

  • Some Evergreens

    During the last days I had the chance to check some of our evergreen magnolias. Till now we’ve only had some nights with frost down to -5°C. No snow on the ground. They all do very well – even no… Continue Reading…