Dear friends of the Magnolia Society International,

we are looking forward to welcoming you all to our MSI Germany Tour 2022. I want to invite you to join our BLOG. 

Throughout the year I will let you know about the development of the garden, have a look at special plants or dive into the history of one of our cultural highlights during our tour. Let me start with a short presentation of our Urzeitwald.

  • PFLANZENTAG am Sa. 22.4.2023

    (Arboretum Urzeitwald Waldhilsbach; Neuer Friedhofweg 16, 69151 Neckargemünd-Waldhilsbach) Zeitplan: 9-11 Führung durch das Arboretum Urzeitwald Waldhilsbach; 11-17 Pflanzen- und Raritäten-Verkauf; 17-19 Führung durch das Arboretum Urzeitwald Waldhilsbach Anmeldung zur Führung bitte bis 20.4. unter shop@urzeitwald.de (Angabe der Uhr-Zeit und der… Continue Reading…

  • Not yet

    Not yet

    March 1st, sunny weather, blue sky and not one magnolia in bloom. But Crocus, Iris, Daphne, Galanthus, Euphorbia, Helleborus, Prunus mume, Maddenia hypoleuca, Lonicera ‚Winter Beauty‘, Sycoparrotia semidecidua and of course the first Narcissus. The garden is full of color.

  • Some Evergreens

    Some Evergreens

    During the last days I had the chance to check some of our evergreen magnolias. Till now we’ve only had some nights with frost down to -5°C. No snow on the ground. They all do very well – even no… Continue Reading…

  • It’s Hamamelis-time

    It’s Hamamelis-time

    Here are some photos of different Hamamelis in our Urzeitwald. Wonderful flower display throughout most of the winter time. Yellow, orange and purple blossoms from Hamamelis ‚Amethyst‘, ‚Ripe Corn‘, ‚Arborea‘, Jelena‘, Stolwijk Yellow, ‚Gimborn’s Perfume‘ a.s.o.

  • in bloom

    in bloom

    As a child I learned that the flowering season begins in spring and ends in autumn. Winter was the dark time without flowers. This changed. Of course it is dark in winter, of course it is wet and cold in… Continue Reading…

  • Magnolia buds everywhere

    Magnolia buds everywhere

    A little bit of sun. This is the moment to look for the magnolia buds. All these foggy and rainy days are immediately forgotten, when you see these promising buds. Not only the early flowering Magnolia zenii and biondii but… Continue Reading…

  • The Arboretum Urzeitwald-Waldhilsbach

    The Arboretum Urzeitwald-Waldhilsbach, a private collection of plant species mainly from the Cretaceous period: Liriodendron, Liquidambar, Magnolia, Nyssa, Sorbus, Styrax, Stewartia, Ginkgo and many conifer species, which can be detected in fossil finds in Central Europe are of particular importance…. Continue Reading…